What algorithms do we offer to clients?

Bidmath uses signals to automate bidding strategies for brands, to truly deliver data driven marketing we leverage data points to develop algorithms that work more effective than standard campaign targeting for brands who want to embrace the use of data and unlock transparent, measurable results.


Viewable Cost Per Impression - AVCPM


Cost per completed view - CPCV

Complete In-View & Audible - AVOC

Time on Screen 10s - TOS 10

Sales & ROI

App Installs - CPI

Conversions - CPA

Product Revenue - ROI

Custom Algorithms

Customer Value Score Weighted Actions - CVS

Customer Value Score Weighted Metrics - CVS

Customer Value Score Weighted Profiles - CVS

(vCPM) Post Viewable Conversions

Data Science, as a service

Custom Algorithms allow brands to designate value to each impression based on their own data signals and optimise campaigns towards more valuable metrics such as total customer value.

How do these work in more detail?

  • Customer Value Score (CVS) Weighted Actions – Combining a mix of different website actions or conversions to attribute a customer value as an optimisation factor e.g. configure a car, test drive, cars viewed.

  • (CVS) Weighted Metrics - Combining a mix of attributes to attribute a value as an optimisation factor e.g. viewability, completion rate, type of video player

  • (CVS) Weighted Profiles – Attributing a value depending on the content of the information submitted on site e.g. Salary, Age or Location

  • (vCPM) Post Viewable Conversions – Optimising towards sales that were made upon a viewable impression

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