Editorial Team December 11, 2019


Bidmath hosted one of the few programmatic panel discussions and networking events in Bangkok at the T-One building last month. More than 200 experts from the industry attended the evening that hosted a wide range of knowledgeable panelists from Google Thailand, Adobe, Marriott, Jivox and Digitas. The event welcomed publishers, brands, agency and technology partners to connect, share knowledge and discuss programmatic and the wider ecosystem.

The first panel covered the “Opportunities, Challenges, and Future of the Programmatic Industry”. A strong array of Global leaders openly spoke of their opinions on transparency, machine learning, brand safety, personalisation and other aspects of where the industry is heading.

The industry expert panel included:

  •   Panel Moderator - Bidmath CSO
  •   Xiaoming Shao - VP at Bidmath Japan
  •   Antony Yiu - Managing Director at Digitas HK
  •   Naren Nachiappan - Co-founder and Managing Director at Jivox
  •   Mark Shrives - Digital Director at Marriott International
  •   Ng Kok Jong - Ad Cloud Specialist at Adobe


After a fruitful panel discussion, Ng Kok from Adobe stated  - “Thank you to BidMath for an opportunity for having us on the panelist to share the future of digital marketing and programmatic. Great conversation and insightful perspective and the importance of data-driven insights, transparency and viewability. A big thank you to BidMath for having us and looking forward to our partnership in Thailand.”



With a larger turnout than anticipated, there were many experts from a variety of companies including Nestle, KTC Bank, Google, Relay 42, DoubleVerify, CJ WORX, Primal, Dhipaya Insurance contributing towards the discussion and prompting questions on Ad Fraud and how to navigate a brand-safe environment for their campaigns.

A variety of Thai based industry professionals joined the second panel session of the evening and touched on key facts around the percentage of programmatic spend in Thailand as a whole and the rate of trajectory.

The second industry expert panel included:

  •   Panel Moderator - KK Sharma
  •   Synn Navamandana - CEO at Swenn Corporation
  •   Apichakris Kalambasuta - Google Marketing Platform Lead at Google Thailand
  •   Yuttana Saisangkagomon - Co-founder and CEO at Verdandi Media Agency
  •   Tripti Chaudhary - Regional Deputy Head of Strategic Initiatives & Programmatic Partnerships at Anymind Group


The event was a huge success with attendees flying in from a range of countries including Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, India, USA and UK to embrace the growth of programmatic and its opportunities within Thailand. 

Panel member Naren from Jivox quoted -  "Congrats to the Bidmath team for a very well orchestrated and successful APAC launch! The combination of Bidmath's transparent programmatic solutions and Jivox's personalization technologies is an incredibly powerful platform for today's CMO. Looking forward to bringing our joint solution to customers across APAC in 2020."

As Thailand continues to grow in the programmatic world and become a key driving force within South East Asia there will be a further focus on this market and no doubt more events throughout the year as brands view the importance and want to understand how to navigate the ecosystem in an efficient, transparent way.

Bidmath is a global programmatic consultancy operating in Thailand. They empower global brands to take control of programmatic through transparency & leverage a machine learning approach to unlock a new future in digital media advertising.

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