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Maximise the value of your DMP

With DMP experts in Adobe Audience Manager, Oracle Bluekai and other technology, our DMP managed service unlocks value for clients who have DMPs within their marketing stack.

Our objective is to develop an ongoing data roadmap for clients where 100% of the DMP’s functions are being leveraged therefore maximising the use of the DMP in programmatic buying.

Our managed service allows brands to achieve :

  • Combine fragmented data points together for a full scale personalisation experience for your new and returning customers

  • Effectively put to use offline CRM data and match it to digital cookies for online targeting

  • Model 1st party data and identify incremental customers based on known behaviours

  • Segment your audience from a single taxonomy and target across all channels

Start advertising to people, not proxies

Ad technology such as data management platforms or DMPs allow brands to manage, and organise data sources from 1st party data, campaign or CRM sources together in a centralised platform where its possible organise, refine and activate that data in ‘audience segments’, thus achieving higher efficiencies in advertising ROI.

.. of brands are making the most of the data they have available. Find out more about our managed service today and maximise the use of your data.

Data platforms we work with

Trust experts with your data management

Bidmath offer a menu of options which brands can pick and choose with flexibility and choose your contract length that is required. We work alongside agencies and technology partners depending on the operational model of choice with zero conflict to the existing activation setup, our goal is to maximise the use of the DMP and ensure brand’s unlock value in the data they hold.

CDP/DMP Selection

Full in-depth audit of the landscape with criteria approved by the client in order to determine which platform is best for the objective.
This is a qualitative review which scrutinizing each individual function of the platform.

Managed Service

A team of experts fully manage the CDP or DMP on an ongoing basis connecting with activation based on a bespoke project plan agreed between Bidmath and the client.

Platform Integration

Expert team working on websites tagging tasks, mobile apps integration, ads tracking, CRM ingestion and all tech integrations needed to make the CDP/DMP input/output flow working correctly.

Data driven marketing unlocks incremental value for brands…

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