Our capabilities

Standard Video

Instream and outstream video across YouTube and other premium video partners targeted and optimised towards video views. Our video DSP technology allows us to identify the most relevant inventory space to drive brand awareness for your brand.

Dynamic Video

Cloud-based, personalised video suited to each individual audience across thousands of variations of videos, allowing marked cost reduction in production while increasing efficiency.

Dynamic display

Compared to standard display, Dynamic Display has shown 4x better CTR when running multiple variations for increasingly better targeting. We leverage dynamic as part of our omnichannel personalisation strategy to drive higher performance, sales and ROI.

Dynamic native

Native Advertising is found between and below articles (usually as “Sponsored content”). This powerful channel seamlessly blends the ad experience with pre-existing content, offering brands an effective way to reach their audience. Dynamic Native takes this one step further, Leveraging multiple images and copy variations to serve personalised native ads instead of a single static element.

Audio ads

Across Spotify and our network of audio partners, our audio advertising can be included as a tool to drive brand or product awareness to customers and is measured on a completed audio basis to drive consideration across desktop and mobile.

Mobile app downloads

For brands that work with us to drive awareness of their app, we run campaigns with the objective of driving app installs and usage. These campaigns are often geographically targeted and contain strong calls to action wherein the App Store download is the ultimate end point for users.

Dynamic Facebook and Instagram ads

Leveraging our integration with Facebook and Instagram, we offer multiple variants of ad formats to personalise your brand’s paid social strategy as an extension of the wider strategy. Whether it is branding or performance, each user is targeted based on their preference and prior journey.